Horse Training

"Working with Linda on the training of my very "green" mare, has been an education in its self. Her ability to sort out the various training issues from poorly fit tack, health issues, to how the horse actually learns and responds to training methods used, is unlike any training experience I have ever known. I started with a 9 year old rescue that was somewhat dangerous and today have a horse that I feel is safe and comfortable to be around, and on her way to becoming a lifelong riding partner. Linda's ability to work with and teach the owner how to continue training and developing the horse is a huge benefit to working with her. I highly recommend her for equine training, owner training, and will continue to work with her on my mare through the fall season and beyond. ~ Allison Eremita"

Dressage training is available here at the farm or at your farm year round. Linda offers an affordable alternative to getting the help you need and want for your horse. Specializing in green, young, problem horses or horses moving up the levels. Dressage training isn't just for people interested in showing either. Dressage can benefit all horses from hunt seat to trail horses.

Training is based on the needs of the horse, goals of the rider as well as the well-being of the horse. I encourage you to contact me today to discuss your horse.

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dressage training


*Full time training - $1250 per month (This fee includes full board).

(5 rides per week. Owner is encouraged to watch and ride during training. Rough board options are also available at a reduced price. Limited space available)

*Part time training - $975 per month (3 rides per week)

*Training at your barn $60 per session plus travel.

(Travel costs based on distance. Travel costs can be split by more than one boarder or even friend located in the same area.)

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